Big Wheel Keep On Turning - Tips To Prevent Tire Damage Or Loss

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If you haul freight across the nation on a frequent basis, having a set of decent tires is a must in order to provide you with a smooth ride and prevent an unforeseen accident. Consider following the suggestions below to prevent damage to your rig's tires and prevent a situation in which you do not have suitable tires to continue trekking across the country.

Purchase Bulk Tires When They Are On Sale

Check with local tire shops in your town to find out when sales will be held. During these times, purchase several tires so that you will have spares on hand if needed. Many tire shops offer additional incentives if consumers purchase a specific amount of tires. Place the newly acquired tires inside your rig's trailer or on its bed. In case you are ever put in a precarious situation in which one of your rig's current tires needs to be replaced, you can use one of the replacements without needing to call a tow truck driver or purchase a tire at full price from a distributor.

Use Chains Over Muddy Or Snow-Covered Roads

Tire chains can come in handy if you are faced with inclement weather and need to drive over mud-ridden or snow-covered roadways. They will prevent your tires from slipping on loose terrain and can prevent tread from becoming worn down. Chains may also help prevent you from getting into an accident.

If you are unfamiliar with installing chains over your rig's tires, bring your truck with you when you purchase some and request assistance so that you will feel confident about installing the chains if the need ever arises. Place the chains in a lock box or inside of your truck so that they are not misplaced while you are on the road.

Clean The Tread On Each Tire And Apply A Protective Spray

Create a maintenance kit for your truck's tires that includes cleaning agents, soft cloths, and a protective spray. Carry the kit with you whenever you are on the road. Once you park your rig for the day, remove debris from each tire's tread with the cleaning agents. Afterwards, apply a protective spray to each tire's exterior.

Many types of protective spray are designed to prevent rubber from cracking and may help preserve the condition of your truck's tires. Clean tires that are well-maintained will provide you with a smooth ride and won't be as likely to become damaged.