Tire Accessories To Get As Gifts For A New Driver

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When someone you know gets his or her driver's license and buys a car, it's nice for you to celebrate the occasion with a gift. Many people will similar intentions will give common gifts such as emergency car kits. These are valuable, but if you want to decrease the likelihood of your gift being a repeat, put your focus on the tires. You don't need to buy a new set of tires for the person; instead, there are a number of valuable accessories that you can give. Here are some suggestions.

Pressure Gauge

Every driver should have a tire pressure gauge to check his or her tires. The average motorist isn't likely to take the time to use the tool on the air pump at the gas station, but a small gauge kept in the glove compartment can be used with ease. You can get either a traditional type or a digital model. Either variety is suitable for displaying the pressure of each tire.

Wheel Locks

If the driver you know has invested in a quality set of tires and rims, you can decrease the likelihood that they could be stolen by giving him or her a set of wheel locks. These security accessories are available wherever you buy tires, and will replace the stock lug nuts on the person's car with a set that includes one special lug nut per wheel that can only be removed with a one-of-a-kid key — which you'll also give the person, of course.

Tire Tote Bags

If the driver lives in a climate in which he or she will be changing between summer and winter tires, a set of tire tote bags makes for a nice gift. Instead of putting a set of tires in the trunk to transport them to the auto shop to have them changed, the person can slide the tires into a set of totes. High-quality totes even feature carrying handles, which makes carrying the tires easier.

LED Light

The person will already likely have a jack and the necessary tools to change a flat tire on the side of the road, but many people don't think about having to do this work after dark. Make the job easier for the person by giving him or her an LED light. Buy a light that can be plugged into the car's charging adapter, and the person can leave the light in the car with the comfort of knowing it will always work when needed.