Pallet Jack Wheel Maintenance: A Simple Guide

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Think about all of the freight that gets maneuvered about in your place of business. Now imagine just how difficult that freight would be to manage if your employees had to carry every last parcel and package by hand. Thankfully, pallet jacks make it possible to pick up freight by the pallet and maneuver it across your warehousing, shipping, or industrial business facility. Even though a pallet jack is probably one of your most used pieces of material handling equipment, you may not know how important wheel maintenance is on these necessary pieces of equipment. Here is a few frequently asked questions about pallet jack wheel maintenance and answers you should know as a business owner with this equipment in use. 

Why is maintaining the wheels of the pallet jacks so important?

The wheels are the primary operating component of the average pallet jack. Even though all moving parts will have to maintained regularly, the wheels often see more wear and tear than anything else. A pallet jack that has bad wheels just makes the task of using the jack a more difficult feat for the employee using the equipment. Therefore, risks of back strain or other injuries will be higher if you have pallet jacks with bad wheels. 

What are some basic rules to maintaining pallet jack wheels?

The good news is, maintaining pallet jack wheels is not a hard thing to do. You will basically need to clean the wheels every few days to ensure they are free from debris and dirt that can make them harder to roll. On occasion, it is a good idea to grease the wheel bearings, which keep the wheels turning smoothly. If a wheel becomes damaged, go ahead and get it replaced as soon as possible and park the pallet jack with wheel issues until you do. 

Can you just replace one worn wheel on the jack?

When you invest in replacement pallet jack wheels, you will often notice the wheels are sold as sets. This is because worn pallet jack wheels should be replaced equally, whether it is the wheels on the forks or those situated at the handle base. If you replace one wheel on one side and not the other, you will have a pallet jack that sits unevenly and will not roll in a uniform fashion because the wheels are worn in an uneven way. Even though one wheel may look fine during replacement, go ahead and replace both sides to ensure your pallet jack functions properly. 

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