When To Replace Old Tires

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When you drive around on tires that are old and unappealing, it is not the smartest thing to do. Although you might not care about the appearance of the tires, you can put everyone that you share the roads with at risk for getting into a bad collision. Depending on the severity of the condition of your tires, they can lead to you causing a collision when it is least expected. This article covers some of the problems that points to your vehicle needing new tires.

Are Your Tires Excessively Smooth?

Perform an inspection on all four of your tires to determine how smooth they are. If you don't see many grooves in the tires, it means that they have lost a large amount of tread. You must understand that tread is one of the most important aspects of your tires because it keeps your vehicle connected to the roads. It becomes easier for your vehicle to slide and flip when the tires don't have much tread. In such a case, you should try to avoid driving your vehicle until the tires have been replaced.

Does the Vehicle Drive Bumpier Than Usual?

If you are concerned because your vehicle does not drive in a smooth manner, the problem could stem from the condition of the tires. When tires are old, the rubber can begin to bulge. You should be able to see the bulging by taking a look at the tires. The bad thing about bulging tires is that they make even the smoothest of roads seem bumpy, which can make long rides feel unpleasant.

Did a Few Objects Get Stuck in the Rubber?

It is not uncommon for old tires to have objects stuck inside of them. If there are any objects in your tires, you should get them replaced. The objects make it easy for your tires to burst open, which could put you at risk for a bad collision if it happens in the middle of traffic. Don't try to remove the objects and seal the punctures up because it will only make things worse.

Does Your Vehicle Slide a Little Before Stopping?

When a vehicle slides a little before stopping, it could be that the brakes are going out. However, being that your tires are old, the sliding likely stems from tread loss. Consider the sliding serious and replace your tires as soon as possible so you won't end up hitting a vehicle or pedestrian.