How Do You Know It's Time To Replace Your Tires? Read On!

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Tires can wear out due to severe weather elements, potholes, and bumps on the road. They can also get damaged due to constant use and poor-quality DIY repairs. Driving your car can be risky if your tires aren't in optimal condition. For example, you could get a flat tire in the middle of the road, inconveniencing you, anyone in the car with you, and other motorists. Here are four ways to recognize that you need auto tire replacement:


Lack of proper maintenance and harsh weather can cause cracks in your tires. They may also be caused by hitting a pothole. These cracks can result in tiny holes in your tires, contributing to leaking.

In such cases, the rubber is beyond saving, and therefore, you need a replacement promptly. Driving with tires that have cracks poses a serious safety hazard. Besides this, you can become stranded far from your destination if the tires completely malfunction while you're driving.

Excessive Vibration

It's typical to experience vibration when driving on poorly paved roads. However, if the path is smooth and you notice excessive shaking, the problem could be your tires. In some cases, you may also feel the vibrations on your steering wheel. In either case, you need an automobile expert to inspect your car's tires, diagnose them, and replace them.

Old Tires

When you buy tires, there's an expiration date that can guide you on when to replace them. However, tires may age differently based on factors such as the make, frequency of use, and the type of road on which they are driven. Old tires can present many issues if you continue to use them. Additionally, you may need to repair them frequently, which will increase your expenses. 

Getting new tires can boost your car's performance. You also enjoy better traction and safer driving regardless of weather and road conditions.

Bulges and Bubbles

Typically, bubbles and bulges on your tires can indicate issues. These problems can affect your tire even when the tread is optimal. If you notice bubbles on the sidewall, they indicate that your tire could burst at any moment.

Therefore, it would be prudent to consider auto tire replacement for your safety and that of other motorists. Failure to do this will likely result in the bulges getting bigger, causing the tire to blow out and possibly cause an accident. 

The above signs will help you to recognize whether you need new tires. New tires enhance your car's look and boost your safety. A tire shop can guide you as you decide to buy new tires. Note that you shouldn't rush over speed bumps when you get a new set of tires since they can damage your wheels.