Why Automotive Service Centers Offer Used Tires

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If you recently noticed a bulk supply of used tires at your local automotive center, you may have wondered why an accumulation of new tires was not available instead. Here are a few reasons why automotive service providers are starting to sell quality used tires:

People want quality for less money.

With today's economy, many automotive customers are trying to find more ways to save money, including on their automotive maintenance costs. Tires, regardless of their original state, wear out over time with prolonged use. Thus, replacements are inevitable.

Used tires that are in almost-new condition may offer a greater amount of quality for less money to customers who want value without sacrificing the integrity of their purchase. Often, expensive brands that are known for high performance and great durability are offered by automotive centers who sell used tires.

Warranties are still available.

Automotive service providers know that warranties offer their patrons peace of mind. Thus, they frequently offer guarantees on their used tires.

Since the tires are in almost-new condition, the warranties don't cause the automotive providers to lose money, but it does improve the satisfaction of their clients. Customers can quickly overcome any erroneous information that has led them to believe that used tires are subpar when they know that their purchase is backed by a great warranty.

There is profit

Automotive providers usually put their customers first, but they also realize that in order to continue to offer great service, they have to profit from their sales. When bought in bulk, used tires can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of new tires.  

Quality used tires are available at low cost, due to the reasons associated with their availability. Some used tires are available from automotive dealerships that accept trade-ins but put new tires on their vehicles before placing the cars on the lot for sale. The dealerships are left with used tires in great condition, but no where to place them.

Additionally, many tire dealers only sell new tires. Thus, when a customer comes in wanting a full new set of tires, they are often left with multiple used tires in great condition. Since the new tire dealers don't sell used tires, they make them available for other automotive service providers. These automotive providers, in turn, sell the tires to their cost-conscious customers.

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