Tire Repair Or Replacement: How To Know Which One You Need

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Keeping your tires in good repair is one of the most important things you can do to help ensure your safety when driving. Unfortunately, various types of tire damage can occur which can leave you stranded on the road. While certain types of tire damage may necessitate replacing your tire, other types of damage can simply be repaired. Here are some things to consider about car tire repair and how to know if you need to repair or replace your damaged tires.

Common Signs Of Tire Damage

Some of the most common signs of tire damage include punctures or holes from driving over nails or other sharp objects, cracks in the rubber, and excessive wear and tear. Unseen tire damage may cause your car to shake or vibrate.

Tire damage may also cause you to lose control of your car. In addition, tire or rim damage may cause your car to veer off to one side while you are driving. If you experience any of these signs, get your tires inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

If you are checking your tires for damage, focus on the treads and look for punctures, cuts, and other signs of damage. If safe to do so, gently feel the surfaces of your tires and treads to feel for irregularities, and wear gloves or cover your hands with a cloth if possible to help prevent injuries from sharp objects.

Tire Repair Vs. Tire Replacement

Repairing or replacing your tires will depend on the type and extent of the damage. For example, if your tire has a small hole or puncture, it can probably be repaired. Large holes, especially if accompanied by other damage, may require tire replacement.

If your tire feels soft despite it being fully inflated with air, or if it feels like you are "driving on the rim," you may need to replace your tire. Further, if your tires are bald, meaning that the treads are severely worn down, tire replacement may be necessary. Driving on bald tires is extremely dangerous, especially during wet or icy conditions because you may be unable to stop without sliding or "fishtailing."

If you sustain tire damage, take your car to a tire repair professional. After a complete inspection, they will determine if your tire can be replaced or if you need to replace it. With regular car and maintenance checks, your tires can last for years. For more information, contact a company like Quickfit Tires.